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ul. Cieszyńska 99

43-385 Jasienica

Bentwood furniture factory in existence since 1881, in which modern technology supports traditional bentwood processing methods. The current potential of the plant allows for the production of 25,000 chairs per month.


ul. Fabryczna 2

39-120 Sędziszów Małopolski


Wood factory established in 1921. Since the late 1960’s the plant has been producing furniture - at present mainly tables and chairs, made of solid wood and natural veneer. Current production oscillates within 2,000 tables and 10,000 chairs per month.


ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 1

63-200 Jarocin


 The factory was established in the 1970’s and was modernized in 2006. It specializes in the production of cabinet furniture. In addition to the offer for housing markets, the plant uses increasing production potential for the implementation of contractual projects. Monthly production capacity allows for the execution of orders for up to 800 hotel rooms.