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In Jasienica, the place located on the trade route from Warsaw to Vienna, a small factory is established. Its owner, Joseph Hoffman, is also a shareholder in Mundus, an Austrian furniture company. For the production of furniture, mainly chairs, this Viennese carpenter uses the technology developed by Michael Thonet.



The history of the factory in Jasienica and Thonet’s company coincides. The shares of Thonet’s family company are purchased by Mundus, the former competitor of the renowned technologist, and since then the furniture from Jasienica is sold under Thonet-Mundus trademark.



The factory fairly quickly resumes its production after the war, gets nationalized and is subordinated to various undertakings, and finally, following the acquisition of wood and furniture plants in Buczkowice, Jaworze and Rajcza, it becomes an independent company known as Bielskie Zakłady Przemysłu Drzewnego (Bielsko Wood Industry Plant). Its name is later changed to Fabryka Mebli Giętych (Bentwood Factory) in Jasienica. After the war, the history of the factory gets strictly connected to PAGED, the State Wood Agency - a company involved in the export of wood, established in 1931 by the Chief Directorate of State Forests.



Marian Sigmund, an architect and designer, founder of the pre-war Ład Art Cooperative, starts working in Bentwood Furniture Factory. In Jasienica he is responsible for the development of new models of chairs and armchairs for export. Several models designed by him are produced, including the chair labeled as A-5870, put into production in 1958. Made of bent beech wood and plywood, combining two colors, with cut and bowed legs, the chair stands out against others. For example, it becomes extremely popular in UK schools. Now, its production is resumed in limited edition under the name SIG 1.



The company is privatized. Paged S.A. Capital Group buys a controlling package of shares in the company. Furniture Factory of Jasienica takes over other existing companies of the furniture industry.



Present day As part of the structure reorganization, Paged becomes a major player active in the production and sales of furniture for the residential and contract markets. It offers it products to domestic and foreign customers. Drawing from the synergy of furniture tradition and modern furniture design management, Paged has been continuously expanding its offer and increasing its international reach.